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Speed Darlington Brags About Destroying Tunde Ednut’s Career

Posted by on February 20th, 2020

Instagram sensation and singer, Speed Darlington has bragged about being the initiator of the downfall of his arch-enemy, Tunde Ednut.

It is no longer news the Speed Darlington and Tunde Ednut are not the best of friends. Both men have continuously slammed each other on social media and fans are wondering when the fight would finally come to an end. In a recent post on Instagram, Speedy asked his fans on whether he should keep dragging the artistes that have been pissing him.


He gave them an example of how they would end up by bragging about how he ended the career of the singer turned blogger who constantly shaded him on social media. He wrote: “Should i continue the attack or i should let it go? I keep dragging those people who piss me off. Do you see how I turn Tunde from Hunter To Hunted”



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